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Are you here for Stiles fucking Jackson so good he’s got him sobbing into steel grey 1200 thread count bedsheets, spreading his legs impossibly wider so that Stiles can slot his hips flush with Jackson’s ass, go deeper and harder and fucking fuck, have Jackson arching up, his back bowing, while Stiles rakes his fingers through Jackson’s hair, pulls at it until the column of his throat curves, panting ‘fucking yeah, take it" against Jackson’s skin and Jackson does ‘cause Jackson’s the best at everything always and when he comes, body quaking, Stiles wraps his arms around him tightly and doesn’t let go?

Cause I am. 

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Jackson/Stiles Shipper Demographics Survey »

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Requested by butfareforward  Comparison between Jackson’s snake scene and Stiles’ bandage scene (or what I like to call: “How Does Teen Wolf Get Away With This Shit?”)

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anon - stiles/jackson + my emotions


anon - stiles/jackson + my emotions

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'Lover of the Light' for ollliecat (Jackson/Stiles, NC-17)


Title: Lover of the Light
Recipient:  ollliecat
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s)/Characters: Jackson/Stiles
Warnings: anal sex, fingering, oral sex

Summary: Jackson starts to glow. Stiles finds himself interfering.

AO3 Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1172617

**This work is part of an ongoing anonymous gift exchange. The author/artist/mixer/etc. will be revealed on March 3rd.**

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Jackson inviting Stiles on a date for Valentines day and Stiles being really nervous because it’s at some snooty restaurant but Jackson promised the food would be worth it. He’s nervous because what if he trips over someones feet, what if he trips over his own feet, and knocks into a waiter who’s dish goes flying and lands on the mayor and his dad gets fired. Or what if his jacket catches on fire, what if he breaks his knee and Jackson leaves with some hottie.

There’s parking lot bj to calm Stiles’ nerves.

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